Comparative Study of the Impact of Authentic Leadership on Organizational Commitment of Public and Private Secondary School Teachers


  • Muti Ullah Khan Qurtuba University of science and information technology, DIKhan
  • Asif Jamil Professor, Qurtuba University of Science and information technology DIKhan



Authentic Leadership, Organizational Commitment, Comparison, Public and Private, Secondary Schools


This comparative study was conducted to investigate the influence of authentic leadership on the organizational commitment of secondary school teachers. The study focuses on both public and private secondary schools, recognizing the distinct contextual factors that may shape the relationship between authentic leadership and organizational commitment in these two sectors. This study aimed to bridge the gap by exploring the potential impact of authentic leadership behaviors exhibited by school principals on the organizational commitment of teachers, while considering potential variations between the public and private school contexts. A mixed method was employed. Data collection involved surveys, interviews, and document analysis. The findings suggest that authentic leadership plays a crucial role in influencing teachers' affective and normative commitment levels in both public and private secondary schools in the KP region. The implications of these findings are significant for educational policymakers, school administrators, and leadership development programs. Strengthening authentic leadership behaviors among school principals could foster higher levels of organizational commitment among teachers, contributing to improved educational outcomes and teacher well-being. The study underscores the need for tailored approaches in enhancing authentic leadership practices based on the specific sector; thereby promoting a more committed and engaged teaching workforce in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Further research avenues and recommendations are discussed in light of the study's outcomes.