Do Soul-Based Leadership Styles influence Organizational Change? Moderated-Mediation of Cognitive Style Indicator and Followership in Healthcare


  • Ghulam Muhammad Kundi College of Public Health and Health Informatics, Al-Bukayriyah, Qassim University



Soul-Based Leadership, Cognitive Style, Followers, Organizational Change, Moderated Mediation


The current study aimed to investigate the moderated mediating role of cognitive style and followership on the relationship between souls-based leadership and organizational change. The population of this study was 2793 lecturers, and professors working in healthcare sector educational institutions from all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan.  The study adopted the survey approach. The study used a self-administered questionnaire for collection of the data. Non-probability convenience sampling technique was used for selecting the sample size. A total of 215 questionnaires were used in the final analysis. Findings revealed that cognitive style significantly moderated the relationship between soul-based leadership and organizational change while followership has an insignificant indirect effect on soul-based leadership and organizational change. The study concludes that managers with a high level of soul-based leadership style prefer to engage followers in decision-making and support followers’ role in bringing change.