Aims & Scope of Journal


  • To encourage young and seasoned researchers from the domain of organizational and management sciences to work within the scope of scientific principles and protocols.
  • To publish multi-disciplinary research work of high quality submitted by national and international researchers.
  • To provide an open access platform to the researchers to support and materialize the research objectives of the higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC) to promote research culture in higher education institutions.
  • The major goal of the journal is to get at par with the journal of international repute by making substantive contributions to the generation of empirical knowledge in different areas of empirical research.

Scope of Journal

Organization, Management, Leadership, And Technology , Epidiomology , Communicable Diseases, Digital Health , Health Management , Health Insurance, Health Policy And Planning , Environmental Health And Sustainability , Patient Safety , Heath Quality Management, Global Health , Physical Health And Sports Medicine, Pharmaceutical And Veterinary Sciences.